Welcome to M.M.M. (Mary McMiller Ministries formerly known as Mary Brinson Ministries)!
Here you will learn about all of the ministries that Apostle Dr. Mary L. McMiller is assigned to do by God. God has commissioned her and assigned to her for leadership. One of the major assignments that she has been doing in much progression is the Let the Leader's Live Crusade. Many have found this to be a blessing to their churches, ministries and leaders and the body of Christ in general. She is to restore the leaders, abused, wounded, broken, rejected and forgotten souls through the Spirit of the Living God.
• To build all through the word of God.
• To teach the lost through the word of God how to live beyond self and man.
• To teach the people how to live holy in every mission is to break area in their lives.

Our job is to break the chains of bondage through truth. Walking in truth to empower people to be saved and restored to a place in God that no one can remove them. She has been commissioned to truly walk out Luke 4:18-19.
What is included in M.M.M:
• Let the Leader's Live Crusade
• Holy Hands Catering Services
• Women of Change International Ministries Inc.
• The Secret Dwelling Place Annual Retreat
• Healing/Deliverance Ministry
• Covering
• Outreach Ministry
• Matters of the Heart for Women
• An Essynce for His Glory
• The Heaven Sent Foundation Inc.
• and much more!!!!

An Essyence for His Glory 

Women of Change International Ministries

Impact Apostolic Ministries

Truth & Restoration Global Ministries Inc.

God's Touch Productions

New Birth Bible College


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