Impact Apostolic Ministries

I.A.M. Impact Apostolic Ministries has somethings to tell you about why we are coming to your City or State!

Motto: Taking an (I) was, into becoming an I.A.M. he sent.

Theme Scripture: Exodus 3:14-And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.
What is I.A.M?
We have merged into 1 becoming a body fit for the Kingdom of Christ Jesus! According to Ephesians 4:4-6 and Romans 12:4-5
Overseer K.J. & Apostle Dr. Mary McMiller heart desire is to see total restoration from the unsaved to the saved, the Temple to the church the leadership to congregation, the building to the streets to live a God fearing life. Having dominionship over the mind, body and soul to pursue happiness through the unadulterated word of God. To bring truth through kingdom teachings and authority with power. By surviving the obstacles of life. Our vision is to be a unified body, to heal, to deliver and to be made whole to never return to the old man. To help the people to fulfill their purpose & destiny in life, whether physically or spiritually. We have been commissioned as spiritual midwives sent to advance the kingdom. SUCCESS IS THE KEY!!
Saving the lost beyond the reach, through Kingdom principles. We are preaching, teaching and living the blue print of the word of God through Kingdom stability to build a Kingdom nation.
Our purpose is to win lost souls for Christ through unity. We are going after those that have strongholds such as homosexuality, lust, perversion, prostitutes, drug addicts, leadership, alcoholics, gang bangers, thugs, lost, wounded, broken, raped, molested, church hurt, family hurt, spousal hurt, leadership hurt, etc. and taking a half to become a whole. Every 1 person touches another through the Apostolic Reversal process!!
I.A.M. is a ministry of reviving the lost to get them to a place of stability through the truth. We are an Apostolic Team bringing an Apostolic Word to a people for a change. We are an International and Global Ministry that are doing outreach to reach ALL!

What do we do?
We walk with Apostolic Authority through Christ Jesus to bring truth and righteousness. We walk in unity to bring unity to the body of Christ. We walk in healing and deliverance for the body of Christ to be made whole!!!!! We are ambassadors working to advance the Kingdom!!!
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